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At On-site Auto Glass, we provide written guarantees on our work including lifetime warranties, and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)-approved sealers. Water leaks can be a cause for concern when fixing your broken auto glass, and high-quality sealers are warrantied against this.


We do our very best to get you back on the road as quickly as we can, while taking every necessary safety precaution. This is why we have a lifetime warranty for windshield replacement to protect you against any leakage, air noise, or manufacturer’s defects in the workmanship or material – this is as long as the vehicle we are installing the glass on is owned by you. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us for further explanation on the details of our lifetime warranty.


For stone chips to your windshield, generally they can be repaired if they are smaller than the size of a loonie. The repair process involves special adhesives being injected into the area of glass that is damaged, and the success of each repair is dependent on many variables. Getting the chip repaired straight away after the damage is done is ideal, because the chip can spread and crack even more if left for too long, and sometimes this means it cannot be easily repaired.

We guarantee that the repaired crack in the windshield will pass any Province-wide vehicle inspection, and if not, we will credit the cost to put towards a full replacement. Also if you are not satisfied after we have done the repairs, we will credit the cost of the repair toward replacing your windshield. The insurance company will receive the full credit if they were the ones that paid for the repair.

Similar to our lifetime warranty, this windshield repair warranty only applies as long as you own your vehicle on which the repairs were being done, and it is not transferable. If you have any questions, our staff and technicians would be happy to answer them, just give us a call.

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